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Inspection services

To provide better confidence in the quality of products provided by suppliers, independent inspection is a powerful tool that clients can utilize to ensure that the products, production processes, facilities and conditions meet the technical, quality, safety and environmental standards specified by the clients. Fugro has a team of qualified and experienced technical inspectors who are conversant with various products / services standards and production processes and local regulatory requirements. 


Certification services

Independent and impartial certification services are also provided through Fugro Certification Services Ltd. (FCS) which is the accredited certification operation of the Fugro Group. FCS provides assessment and certification services in compliance with requirements of international accreditation bodies. FCS auditors and technical experts are trained and experienced professionals who are conversant with practices in different business sectors.


Services included

  • inspection of welds
  • construction products
  • consumer products
  • indoor air quality

Services included

Indoor air quality   Health & safety inspection   Witnessing on a production line  System certification
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