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Micro-materials analysis

The Micro-Materials Section (MMS) has worked on a vast range of materials and products, such as construction materials, building products, consumer products, industrial components, mechanical parts and plant facilities. The MMS team comprises a diverse workforce of geologists, material engineers and chemists whose objective is to provide impartial and professional analysis, advice and solutions in relation to the design, selection, characterization or failure causes of materials to customers.


Scope of materials

  • construction & building material
  • concrete & its constituents
  • metal & alloy
  • polymer & coating
  • asbestos
  • composite materials
  • advanced materials, e.g. nano coatings

Scope of services

  • petrographic analysis
  • failure analysis
  • composition analysis & characterization
  • materials design consultation
  • materials selection consultation
  • materials compliance consultation
  • surface analysis
Petrographic analysis   Stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel anchor (200X)   Creep and carburization attack of heat resistant nickel alloy (11X)   Brittle fracture of stainless steel screw due to inherent crack as stress concentrator (22X)
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