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Product testing

Fugro's product testing team has extensive knowledge of the requirements of products and the testing involved to prove products' suitability. The company can develop and organise full-scale mock-ups to replicate insitu conditions for various products so as to evaluate their durability and serviceability.


Type of product

  • ceramic tile, wall & floor tile
  • partition wall
  • timber & wood
  • glass, window & door
  • sanitary ware
  • paint & coating
  • pipe & fitting
  • stone
  • brick & block
  • sport facilities

Testing capabilities

  • mechanical strength tests
  • hazardous substance analysis
  • physical testing
  • composition analysis
  • chemical analysis
  • fire resistance
  • durability testing
  • acoustic testing
  • resistance to climatic conditions
  • pace classification for tennis court surface
Static coefficient of friction   Impact test   Durability test   Fire resistance test
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